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Thieves Are Using Apple AirTags to Steal High-End Cars; Here’s What You Can Do to Prevent It!

Thieves Are Using Apple AirTags to Steal High-End Cars; Here’s What You Can Do to Prevent It!

By Yashdeep Raj •  2021-12-21T14:13:52.589Z •  Tech News


They are using their iPhones to track the cars to know the address of the owners, and then stealing them from the owners’ houses. This has become a serious issue in many regions.

Earlier this month, the York Police department released an official press statement, highlighting the issue. In the statement, the police also provided a few security steps for car owners to prevent their cars from being stolen using AirTags.

Steps You Can Take to Prevent Thieves from Stealing Cars Using AirTags

As per the York Police department, car owners should park their vehicles in locked garages as most of the cases saw thieves stealing cars from the driveway. They can also use a steering lock to prevent thieves from driving the car or install security cameras to constantly monitor the area where their car is parked.

Furthermore, the statement suggests that owners should inspect their cars once in a while, and report to the police if they find any suspicious device tucked away in their car. Although these measures can prevent thieves from stealing the cars, owners can also place their own AirTags in their cars to track them once or if they are stolen.

Apple is also taking some steps to minimize the privacy issues posed by AirTags, as people are also using the devices to stalk other people. The Cupertino giant recently released an Android app to detect any unknown AirTags. However, it does not automatically detect an AirTag device, and users need to dig into the app to start the detection process. iPhones are also programmed to deliver notifications if it detects an unknown AirTag device nearby. However, the feature won’t work if the Bluetooth of the device is turned off. Plus, users do not always check their notifications while driving. Hence, they can often go unnoticed. You can see how it works in the video attached below:

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