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Telegram Files EU Antitrust Complaint Against Apple’s App Store Policies

Telegram Files EU Antitrust Complaint Against Apple’s App Store Policies

By Kuldeep Raj •  2020-07-31T04:37:38.600Z •  Tech News


Telegram, known as one of the safest instant messaging apps, has filed an antitrust complaint against Apple in Europe. In a complaint filed at the European Union Commission, creators of Telegram messenger said that Apple should allow iOS users to download Telegram from outside sources. As of now, iOS users can only download the app via the App Store.

Telegram’s antitrust complaint against Apple also mentions how the instant messaging firm was stopped from rolling out a gaming platform on the Apple Store because it supposedly violated App Store rules, according to the Financial Times. Telegram’s creators ditched the entire project as they were scared of Telegram, “being deleted from the ‌App Store.”

This comes after Telegram founder Pavel Durov recently targeted Apple in a blog post. The post describes a list of seven myths that Apple uses to justify the 30% commission it gets on the app hosted on the App Store.

This is not the first time that a company has filed an antitrust complaint against Apple. Previously Rakuten and Spotify have also complained to the EU regarding the policies of the Apple App Store.

Apple is already under EU’s radar after the commission demanded a standard charging port for all the devices in the market. Apple responded to the EU’s statement and said that it would kill innovation. However, the EU is all set to pass a regulation that will force smartphone manufacturers to have a standard charging port by the third quarter of 2020.

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