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Google Says, Most Searched Word In Bing Is ‘Google’

Google Says, Most Searched Word In Bing Is ‘Google’

By Yashdeep Raj •  2021-10-03T06:13:42.780Z •  Tech News


Alphabet, the parent company of Google, has revealed that the most searched word in Bing, Microsoft’s alternative is ‘Google’. 

According to Google, this is a clear reference to the fact that the first thing users do when they end up in Bing is to search Google to find something else. However, the company has not done it just to mock its rival, but as part of a legal strategy. 

According to Bloomberg, the plan of Moutain View company is to use this type of data to avoid paying a millionaire fine in Europe. This news comes after Alphabet has been defending itself against a European Union antitrust fine, arguing that the company had been putting pressure on Google and Android users to force the use of Mountain’s company’s apps and services. 

According to a statistical compilation of Ahrefs, “Google” is effectively the most entered term globally in Bing, with 40.96 million monthly searches. This figure “represents 13.2% of the entire global search volume,” they explain. YouTube is in second place in the ranking, with 35.28 million.

The lawyer’s argument maintains that users seek to use Google as their alternative and that at no point do they force users to abandon Bing. In short, the idea is that users leave Bing on their own.

In addition, it is most likely that the search for this term is due to the fact that, when we first configure Windows and enter Microsoft Edge, it opens Bing by default. Many users search Google not only to use the search engine but to download Google Chrome.

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