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Android Games Will Arrive On Windows In 2022

Android Games Will Arrive On Windows In 2022

By Yashdeep Raj •  2021-12-13T05:56:27.412Z •  Android News


Google and Microsoft confirms the intentions to combine the two platforms — the Android games coming to Windows PCs in 2022 via Google Play Games.

According to The Verge, Android games available on Google Play Games will be able to run on Windows 10 and Windows 11 starting next year. According to Google, the Play Games app should enable users to play their favorite Android games available on Google Play on a smartphone, tablet or Chromebook under Windows.

The Play Games application should also run on Windows 10. For the implementation, Google does not use Microsoft’s new Android subsystem, with which Android applications can be used natively under Windows 11.

The compatibility of Google games with Windows will also allow synchronization between computers. So the user, as long as he connects with his Google account, can play on his PC and resume the game on his Android mobile or other devices.

How exactly the app is implemented is currently unknown. Apparently, Google doesn’t use Bluestacks’ Android runtime either. According to Google, however, it should not be about cloud gaming, i.e. the transmission of game content via streaming, but a native implementation under Windows.

The integration of Android applications under Windows should be a worthwhile field for Google. For the time being, Microsoft is only cooperating with Amazon to bring Android applications for Windows 11.

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