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Top Hacking apps for Android 2019

Top Hacking apps for Android 2019

By Admin •  2019-04-03T08:17:02.274Z •  Android Apps


Disclaimer: Please note that Hackers Choice is not responsible for your unfair behavior this article is for educational purposes only. I don’t support any of these apps and don’t use illegal.

Here I will give you some great apps that will use to spy or hack someone android phone :

1. Hoverwatch :

In my list first named which is really a very interesting and spy app which will help you to trace victim call details, chat messages, camera, screenshot, victim chrome history, and many more features are in this you can easily trace.

How to use: Go to the official website link below and just sign up with your email id then download the apk from there if you want to spy other phone then copy that link from there.

After that allow some permission and now you are able to trace victim phone easily without knowing them.

Website link : https://www.hoverwatch.com/

2. 2nd line : 

Another great app which help you to register a US mobile no which will help you to call anyone with that number without showing your personal mob no. And great feature is you can use that number to create whats app account and many more account with that US registered Mob no.

You can easily download from the play store named as 2nd line and install.

3. Hackode : –

With this app, it contains a lot more interesting tool and multiple collections for an ethical hacker. With this app, you can easily penetrate and enter into some IP. Lot more feature to learn if you are interested to learn ethical hacking then this app is the first steps to take.

The App contains hacking, SQL injection, DNS, Servers and many more functional parts.

You can download apk from the play store named as Hackode.

4. Blokada : –

Blokada most powerful tool for ad blocking when you visit a website like movies sites where lot’s of ads and pop up are there and that are just waste our time and so much annoying for that purpose this app is developed it perfectly block all ads which were showing and save your most of the time.

With the use of Blokada app, you can block ads in adult sites, browser ads, application ads so it’s a very useful app in the list.

This app is available on play Store.

5. Stop Spy : –

Stop spy this app use to find some illegal apk in your smartphone if there is one most useful. If someone is installed hidden apk in your phone then it will find for you and uninstalled it.

This app is for security from the hacker or like hoverwatch type apk .

6. ARP guard : –

ARP guard is a WiFi security app where no one traces your data. When you are connected to the public WiFi.These public WiFi is mostly unsafe, hacker easily trace or stole your information from your android so for the security ARP guard will secure your data and you can easily use public WiFi.

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