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10 Free Pedometer and Step Counter Apps for Android

10 Free Pedometer and Step Counter Apps for Android

By Yashdeep Raj •  2021-02-21T06:04:05.994Z •  Android News


Step counter apps (or pedometers) combine with smartwatches, fitness bands and, of course, your phone to help keep track of your health. By setting daily goals, setting up an activity tracker, and other features in these apps, you can attain your goals to lose weight, or more generally, just to feel healthier.

We’ve gathered the best Android pedometer apps you can use for free. Many of these have paid “premium” modes which unlock more features, but we picked these based on what you can use in the free versions.

1. Samsung Health

First, to address the elephant in the room, Samsung’s health and pedometer app works on all brands of Android devices, so it’s available to everyone. There’s something to be said for an app developed by a company that also makes phones, and Samsung Health benefits from that by being very easy on battery life.

Free Android Pedometer Apps Samsung Health

As well as being an accurate step counter, Samsung Health can link to other apps like My Fitness Pal for those who also want to track their food intake. The Samsung Health app itself has a macronutrient counter, too, which is extremely handy.

A legitimate complaint with this app is that Samsung removed certain features like long-term weight and blood pressure trends, weekly graphs and so on. Its redesign hasn’t been all for the better, but it remains one of the better options.

2. Adidas Running App (Runtastic)

Formerly known as Runtastic, this running app was such a hit that Adidas bought it in 2015, then renamed it the official Adidas running app in 2019. So what’s the big deal?

Free Pedometer Step Counter Apps Android Adidas Runtastic

There is, of course, the real-time tracking, informative dashboard and personal goal-setting you’d expect, but it really thrives with its community features. Your friends can be notified when you’re running and send you cheers and custom motivational messages. There are competitions, events and leaderboards you can get involved in through the app, too.

This works with all the usual wearables, Android Wear and Garmin products, among others. And for the most niche feature of all, you can track how far you’ve run in a specific pair of trainers, then get notified when it’s time to get a new pair (with the obligatory Adidas product placement, of course).

3. Google Fit

Google’s official pedometer app can be used to sync with several other apps on this list, but there’s a good chance that you’ll find everything you need right here.

Free Android Pedometer Apps Google Fit

Google Fit tracks your steps and monitors your heart rate within a minimal Material Design interface. Each time you take a walk or run, you can access real-time stats to get a more granular perspective on how you’re doing, and you can set daily targets that dynamically adapt to your progress.

It also comes with basic fitness coaching tips, though other third-party apps are more robust in this particular area. It’s not a problem, though, as you can probably sync Google Fit up with them!

4. Zombies, Run!

What better way to motivate yourself into burning off those calories than by convincing yourself that your life depends on it? Zombies, Run! is a veteran as Android apps go and has compelled over a million users to immerse themselves in its fitness-inducing story.


Plug in your headphones and follow the instructions as you jog around doing various missions in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by the shambling dead. It’s a great motivator for those who want a bit of narrative with their fitness regimen.

5. Argus

Going well beyond the task of simply counting your steps, Argus is one of the most comprehensive “Wellness” apps around. It’s an activity tracker, sure, but also bundles in a calorie counter, sleep cycle monitor, exercise guide, even barcode scanner, to help you track your nutritional intake.


What Argus perhaps lacks in depth in the step-counter area, it more than makes up for in breadth. How much you walk around isn’t something that will ensure your good health in isolation, and in Argus you have all the other important areas to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

6. Pedometer

The succinctly-named Pedometer is a free, ad-supported app that doesn’t foist any in-app purchases on you. What you see is what you get. It has the usual assortment of step counters, calories burned, walking times and speed tracking, and displays your long-term walking information in a convenient graph. It also uses your gender and weight to give you a better idea of the number of calories you burned and the amount you should burn.


Pedometer is very easy on the battery, too, and has a small selection of different themes for some personalization, and you can also adjust the sensitivity, so you’re not cheating by counting steps when you’re cycling or driving.

7. ViewRanger

Not solely a pedometer, but also a must-have app for hikers and explorers, ViewRanger is filled with hundreds of thousands of trails and walks around the world, all rated by the app’s millions of users. It serves as a great navigational guide, too, using Augmented Reality to let you point your phone at the scenery and get pointers about what’s what and where to go next.


This app works with Android Wear and uses your phone’s GPS to track your walking stats, letting you see how much walking distance you’ve covered and maybe even share it with your friends. It’s a great option for those who aren’t quite as obsessed with counting every single step and who want to focus more on enjoying the great outdoors.

8. Fitbit

Did you know that you can use the Fitbit without the titular “bit”? That’s right, thanks to the wizardry going on inside your smartphone, you can use the Fitbit app solely with your smartphone using the so-called “MobileTrack” feature.


So what makes Fitbit so good? It has probably the prettiest interface of all the apps, for a start, offering a huge amount of features to incentivize your walking. You can, for example, take part in the various weekly challenges curated by the developers, log workouts and food. You can also go on “Adventures” where you attempt to walk the same amount of steps it takes to tackle famous hikes such as those around Yosemite Park. It’s obviously not quite as good as the real thing, but close, right?

9. Pacer

One of the most frequently updated and stat-tastic fitness trackers of the moment, this pretty app from Pacer Health is not only a step counter but – true to its name – an all-around weight-loss aid. You can set your own goals in it or use goals created by the developers to help keep yourself motivated and walking.


Along the stat side of things is the option to view your personal trends in the way of weight, steps and calories, so you can easily see whether you’re improving or letting yourself go.

10. Accupedo


Like the other apps on this list, Accupedo Pedometer is one of the best health apps around. This particular offering is known for its widget that sits on your home screen giving you a constant view of the steps you’ve taken. It’s configurable, so you can see steps, walking distance, minutes, calories, and more in a manner that suits you best. It only starts tracking after you take ten steps, so there’s a chance your trips to the bathroom or kitchen from your desk won’t count. You’ve been warned.

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