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10 Best Linux Distributions For Hacking & Pen Testing in 2021

10 Best Linux Distributions For Hacking & Pen Testing in 2021

By Yashdeep Raj •  2021-04-04T15:58:18.625Z •  Unix & Linux


If you have an interest in security, or if you are already working as a security professional, you first need to search for a Linux distro that suits your purpose. Hacking and Penetration testings were mainly done on Linux distributions.

As of now, there are hundreds of Linux distros available on the internet. Some of them were designed for security and penetration testing. In this article, we have decided to share a list of various Linux distributions that focus on security.

These Linux distributions offer many useful tools for penetration testing, wireless security, forensic, etc. So, let’s explore the list of best Linux distributions for hacking & Pen testing.

1. BackTrack 5r3

BackTrack 5r3

It is one of the best-known Linux pentesting distros available out there. BackTrack is usually based on the ever-popular Ubuntu. It is only available within a KDE environment, but to the added version, Gnome was added with BackTrack v5. The Linux distro can be booted via a live CD or flash drive. The distribution helps wireless cracking, exploiting, web application assessment, learning.

2. BackBox Linux

BackBox Linux

Well, if you want to use a Linux distro that’s developed for security and penetration testing, then BackBox might be the best pick for you. Guess what? BackBox is one of the leading names in the Linux world, and it got its own software repository. The software repository of BackBox provides various tools for system and network analysis. The operating system is fast, stable, and pretty effective. Also, BackBox is known for its very active community.

3. Blackbuntu


If you are already into the penetration and security testing game, and if you look for ways to scale up your research, then Blackbuntu might be the best Linux distro for you. Guess what? Blackbuntu is designed to keep hacking and security testing in mind. It’s a penetration testing distribution with GNOME desktop environment, which brings a wide range of tools for penetration testers.

The tools offered by Blackbuntu helps in information gathering, network mapping, vulnerability assessment, wireless analysis, reverse engineering, digital forensic, and more.

4. Samurai Web Testing Framework

Samurai Web Testing Framework

Unlike all other Linux distribution, Samurai Web Testing Framework is a developer with the sole purpose of penetration testing. Samurai Web Testing Framework comes as a virtual machine, and it’s not a complete operating system on its own. Being a penetration testing friendly Linux distro, Samurai Web Testing Framework offers a wide range of hacking tools for detecting web vulnerability.

5. Kali Linux

Kali Linux

Well, Kali Linux is a famous name in the ethical hacking world. The Linux distribution is quite widespread, and it’s based on Debian. The good and most crucial thing about Kali Linux is that it brings a wide range of security and penetration testing tools. You will find tools from various security and forensic fields on Kali Linux. Since it’s the most advanced penetration testing Linux distro, it also supports a wide range of devices and hardware.

6. Bugtraq


This distro offers you a wide range of penetration and forensic tools. Bugtraq is harder to install but runs as a live DVD or a USB Drive. Compared to other Linux distro, Bugtraq provides a wide range of tools in different categories. You would find mobile forensic tools, malware testing tools, audit tools for GSM, wireless tools, etc.

7. Parrot Security OS

Parrot Security OS

Well, Parrot Security Os by Frozenbox’s team is one of the best Linux distribution which you can use for pen testing, computer forensics, and ethical hacking. Compared to all the others listed in the article, Parrot Security OS is very lightweight, and it’s highly efficient. With Parrot Security OS, you will get many recognized tools that help to work and surf anonymously.

8. DEFT Linux

DEFT Linux

Digital Evidence and Forensic Toolkit is the best open-source Linux distro that you can use today. The distro is based on Ubuntu, and it comes with lots of tools that are very useful for pen-testing. Well, Ethical hackers highly use the distribution because it brings a wide range of tools.

9. ArchStrike


Well, ArchStrike is based on Arch Linux. It’s a Linux distribution that adds an extra security layer over the Arch Linux. ArchStrike shares the same repository of Arch Linux, and it’s mainly used by security professionals. The good thing about this Linux distribution is that it packs a wide range of penetration testing and cybersecurity tools. The Linux distribution also looks good, and it’s pretty lightweight.

10. Fedora Security Spin

Fedora Security Spin

Well, Fedora Security Spin is another best Penetration testing Linux distribution you can use. The distribution is specially designed for security auditing and testing. Fedora Security Spin is well-suited for beginners who want to learn security methodologies on information security.

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